Our Children. Our Future.


Children's museums are popping up all over the country... and for good reason!


Chico Children's Museum is joining in on the revitalization effort happening in downtown Chico! Children’s museums often serve as town squares and build social capital. More than 30% of children’s museums are part of a downtown revitalization project. Chico Children's Museum intends to be a flagship of Downtown, transforming a once forgotten block into a beautiful place where children and families will come in surplus . "A landmark examination of civic engagement...indicates that children are one of the most likely subjects to motivate community involvement."- The Association of Children's Museums

Children’s museums help children develop essential foundational skills, light a creative spark for discovery and lifelong learning, and are environments where families play and connect in meaningful ways. 

By producing programs and exhibits that transcend age, IQ and experience, children's museums empower children to set their own pace. In these safe learning environments,  children are able to slowly develop an understanding of their own interests and passions through hands-on, minds-on play. Parents can learn about their children's interests just by watching them explore, and then involve them in classes and programs throughout the community that cultivate a deeper educational experience in those areas. 

"College starts in Kindergarten. We believe that by exploring possible careers at a very early age, we can offer children a more enlightened way of choosing their career paths before reaching college... therefore increasing their overall happiness." - Adrienne Coen, CCM Community Council.

Chico Children’s Museum is a much needed educational opportunity for ALL of the children of our area. Not only will it resolve a longstanding issue with limited childhood play-spaces in Chico, but it will enrich early learning, transform downtown, strengthen the family unit and offer an unforgettable space for every child to enjoy!

Please join us in bringing these wondrous exhibits, for both children and their grown ups, to Chico.