What Will it Be Like Inside?

With huge plans to help revitalize downtown Chico, our new home is nearly 9,000 square feet, located at 325 Main Street. We broke ground in February, 2016 and our opening is contingent upon financial support... see the progress bubble above for how far we've come! (help us close the gap by donating). 

It will be a magical spaces that enables children to learn through play! We will open the door to early learning by offering enchanting educational programs for your children, beginning at birth. 

“Children’s museums are places, away from work and household distractions, where parents and caregivers can spend quality time with children, learn something new themselves and experience the luxury of becoming lost in the present moment as they play.”
- Association of Children’s Museums. 

1/3 of the museum will be a miniature artistic replica of Chico. The Mini City sits beneath the boughs of our giant Majestic Climbing Tree. Our miniature city will offer hands-on exhibits, allowing for exploration as veterinarians, dentists, chefs, biologists, agriculturalists, and every other career you can think of. Educational enrichment programs, developed by experts in our area, will be offered to children in every exhibit. 

The remaining 2/3 of the museum will be divided into interactive rotating exhibits as well as a multi-sensory environment zone, especially designed for the children in our area with special needs (but open for ALL to play in). Much like the calm surroundings of a Jellyfish exhibit, multi-sensory environments help children explore at a quieter, calmer pace. We will even have a swing that allows children in wheelchairs to safely swing, perhaps for the very first time.