There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what they cannot do.
— Temple Grandin


Leslie Amani, Executive director

Leslie is the mom of two children, and she wanted them to have experiences over material things. Favorite memories include making up character-voices as she read to them and watching her kids experience beaches, museums, camps, snow skiing, singing and playing sports. ‘I remember watching my kids’ faces light-up as they explored places like the DeYoung Museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Old Sac Train Museum, to name a few. To now have Chico Children’s Museum is wonderful. My hope is for people to know museums aren’t exclusive; they are meant to enrich the lives of everyone.’

Leslie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Fresno State, studied musical theater at AMDA-NYC, and graduated with a Master of Business Administration from Chico State. She loves dance, art, music, and playing outdoors.


Tamara Maxey, Manager:Operations & Facility

Tamara Maxey brings a professional museum background to Chico Children’s Museum. Tamara graduated from Chico State in 2019 with an MA in Museum Studies.  Tamara’s love of museums began as a child when she, her mother, and her older sister spent many hours exploring museums in the Bay Area and throughout California.

“My favorite museum when I was a kid was the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose. I distinctly remember the amazing mummy they had on display when I first walked into the museum; but the best part was the simulated Egyptian tomb tour; it was so mysterious and spooky and magical. It is that sense of wonder, shared with family, that I wish to cultivate in the community of Chico.”

Exploration docents

(When they were young)