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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information to help guide your visit.


(20-Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What days and times are open for visiting the museum and what is the fee?

    Current hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm and Monday, closed. Admission price for ages 24 months and older is $9; senior and military discounts, $7, with valid identification.

  2. Can I drop my kids off at the museum? Can my older children supervise their younger siblings?

    No. CCM is not a drop-off zone and all children, regardless of their age, must be supervised throughout the museum experience by an adult.

  3. What is the ideal age-range for a visitor?

    CCM is designed for children ages 2-9; please use discretion and read signage as some exhibits are age-range specific.

  4. Describe your motto of , “Please Touch.”

    The exhibits are intended for children to touch and interact with. “Please Touch” does not mean yank or break and pens are intended to create art or take vet or dental notes, not to draw on furniture and displays. Please supervise children to ensure exhibits are handled appropriately and enjoyed. If your child creates artwork, we invite you to take the picture home with you.

  5. The sensory room had a ball pit and our experience with ball pits is that they’re for jumping. Why is the sensory room a whisper, shoes off, and non-jumping ball pit?

    All ball pits aren’t created equally and CCM’s invites an opportunity to engage with familiar objects and experiences in a novel way. The sensory room was designed with the input of educational and autism specialists, and is intended to allow for children to interact in a space that encourages calmer behaviors. Importantly, there is no jumping allowed in the ball pit to ensure safety for children who may be unseen by eager visitors.

  6. At times, my child can get over-stimulated, over-excited and upset during the visit? What should I do?

    Boundaries for safety, manners and procedures are an important component for children and adults in a shared space. While it’s normal for children to push boundaries and test limits, we encourage parents to interact in the museum with their children and, if need be, take a time out, if a child is struggling. CCM appreciates the struggles and we step in to support and correct, as needed to ensure safety of other visitors and positive experiences for all. If you need to step out (it happens), you’re welcome to return to the museum; save your receipt as your admission is valid for the full-day of purchase.

  7. Is my paid admission valid for the whole day?

    Yes. Admission applies to the day of purchase. Visitors often leave for a snack or lunch break and return. Save your receipt so, should you leave, you can return. If we are at capacity, there may be a wait.

  8. What is the average wait-time if there is a queue outside?

    The average wait time may range from 10-20 minutes.

  9. Can I donate to the museum or sponsor an exhibit?

    Yes. We are grateful to all donors and sponsors. Please email your interest to our Executive Director, and in the subject line write, “Donor” or “Sponsor”.

  10. I’m an adult, who wants to visit the museum. Can I stop in and walk around?

    No. All adult visitors must be accompanied by a child unless a tour has been approved and arranged in advance. If interested in being added to a tour list, please email your contact information to with the subject line, “Tour”.

  11. Can I transfer my membership to another person who wants to visit?

    Memberships apply to only those names listed under the membership. They are not transferable.

  12. Are strollers allowed in the museum?

    Due to space and storage concerns for fire safety, all strollers must be folded and stored in the entryway adjacent to the lobby or left in your vehicle. The museum is not responsible for lost or stolen items so please use your best discretion. Tip: Remove all valuable items.

  13. Can I take pictures in the museum?

    Photography for personal, non-commercial use is welcome. CCM will not take photos nor post photos on social media without the verbal permission of those photographed. CCM, however, is a public space and is not responsible for others posting on social media. We ask that all visitors be considerate and refrain from posting images of those who may not wish to have their photo taken and/or published on social media.

  14. Can I bring snacks, lunch or drinks into the museum?

    Food and drinks aren’t permitted inside the museum. We do have water fountains available for thirsty visitors.

  15. What is a “Docent”?

    Docents are individuals that work or volunteer in museums and act as a guide for the museum. Docents monitor and ensure exhibits are interacted with appropriately; CCM’s “Exploration Docents” monitor for the safety of our visitors and exhibits and guide guests to expected behaviors and procedures for CCM.

  16. Will you have a space for birthday parties and field trips in the future?

    Yes. (more to come)

  17. What are “Yuck Bags”?

    “Yuck Bags” are placed throughout the museum to hold exhibit objects (e.g. fruits or vegetables from the market) that may have gotten dirty. Staff checks the “Yuck Bags” daily for cleaning. All visitors are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly before, during (as needed) and after a visit to minimize the spread of germs. Good hand hygiene is the number one tool in reducing the spread of germs and infections. To add: If you are aware that your child is experiencing a fever, stomach-bug, or other contagious health concern, please be considerate and postpone your visit until they are feeling better.

  18. Why is there (sometimes) a line outside?

    To ensure a safe and interactive experience for each visitor, we monitor for capacity-constraints and invite guests in as we monitor readiness for new entrants. Once checked in, visitors are encouraged to stay as long as they wish during operating hours.

  19. As a member, do I need to wait in line?

    Yes. CCM is a first-come, first-served space.

  20. Do you offer group-rates and reservations.

    Group pricing is available for pre-reserved field trips or groups that qualify. Without a reservation, pricing is the regular daily admission price.